A Look at Accountant Assistant Jobs

If you’re thinking of becoming an Accountant Assistant, then there are a few things you have to bear in mind. These don’t just consist of what responsibilities you’ll have once you begin work, but also what qualifications and skills you will need to be able to qualify for the position in the first place. The aim of this article is to make clear what will be expected of you should you wish to apply for such a job.

A candidate for an Accountant Assistant position requires education to at least degree level, and must be actively engaged in study for a full accountancy qualification. These can provide stumbling blocks for a lot of people, as they may be studying for a qualification but not have a degree or vice versa.

Generally, the duties of an Accountant Assistant will be a number of things, from raising and booking journals to reconciliation. They will also be expected to assist the team in maintaining efficient and accurate accounting, by assisting with the production of balance sheets, the preparation of statutory audit files, the preparation of tax filing reports and the preparation of VAT reports.

They’ll also be expected to be able to assist with cashflow forecasts and inventory accounting, and to produce accruals and prepayments reports. Identifying the key variances that occur and reporting these to the Management Accountant will also be an important role of the Assistant Accountant. With all of these responsibilities, it should be clear why both a degree level education, as well as training for an accounting qualification are necessary.

As you can see, Accounts Assistants work closely with a large number of people, spreading their skills around the team, and so they have to be able to work in a dynamic way, adjusting for the task at hand. Previous experience in accounting is definitely necessary, as an Accounts Assistant is not an entry level job, and strong Microsoft Word and Excel skills are an absolute must. As with all accountancy jobs, attention to detail, as well as the ability to organise and administrate effectively, are additional requirements.